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  • Can you imagine doing 54,000 crunches in 45 minutes?
  • Struggling to get to the gym consistently?
  • Do you feel like your workouts have plateaued? 
  • Do you have “under performing” muscles you would like more defined? 

Before & After

How it works

truSculpt® Flex has redefined muscle sculpting with Multi-Directional Simulation (MDS). This new technology utilizes three treatment modes, simulating twist, squat and crunch actions. truSculpt Flex strengthens and tightens the abs, buttocks, arms, back and thighs. #flex your confidence!

Our Flex Membership Program is designed to help you reach your goals and maintain your physique over time. 

Introductory Offer: 

  • 8 muscle groups treated per treatment! 
  • 4 initial treatments $2000 + gst
  • 6 initial treatments $2900 + gst
  • 6 maintenance treatments     $2250
  • 12 maintenance treatments   $4200 

Combine and SAVE!

Flex Memberships include 25% off Coolsculpting Body Sculpting to get rid of stubborn fat! 


Looking to fit into those jeans again?

Join the Cool Club!

Our Coolsculpting Membership includes package pricing plus maintenance treatments. The program is designed to help you eliminate stubborn fat for GOOD!


  • 6 Coolsculpting Treatments $3150 + gst
  • 8 Coolsculpting Treatments $4100 + gst
  • 10 Coolsculpting Treatments $5050 + gst

Want to keep feeling good in your clothes? Add on a Cool Club maintenance package: 

  • 1 treatment/month for 6 months   $2950 + gst
  • 1 treatment/month for 12 months $5040 + gst 

Combine and SAVE!

Cool Club Members also receive each truSculpt Flex treatment for $300. (value of $600) 

Full body photos will be taken before and after your debulking stage and during your maintenance phase to analyze your progress.