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    Our Office: Calgary's Skin Care Centre

    Beacon Dermatology is a brand-new state of the art dermatology centre with 5 Board Certified Dermatologists located in Calgary., Alberta. The word “beacon” refers to light as our unique centre was architecturally designed to utilize natural light to examine the skin. We also strive to be a “beacon of hope” for our patients who are suffering from complex dermatological issues.

    We will strive to address the needs of each and every patient and above all take the time to listen and make them feel heard. We will aim to provide the highest level of patient care for all patients by maintaining high standards of integrity, cleanliness, attention to detail, and efficiency.

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    Mission Statement

    Our goal is to uphold an atmosphere where patient satisfaction is our #1 goal. Our doctors are board-certified dermatologists who are committed to continuing medical education and bringing the latest dermatologic advances through research and innovation to our patients. Book your complimentary assessment today.

    We strive to address the needs of each and every patient and deliver clinical results based on cutting edge research, education and medical information.

    We want to be known as the office that “goes above and beyond”. We will aim to integrate cutting-edge technology in a way that enhances the patient experience and improves efficiency without losing the human touch.

    Dr. Andrei Metelitsa
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    Dr. Susan Poelman
    MSc., MD., FRCPC., FAAD
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    Dr. Robin Raphael Cohen
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    Dr. Lauren Lam
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    Dr. Cristina Olteanu
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    Board Certified Medical, Surgical &  Cosmetic Dermatologists

    We seek to provide our staff with a safe, ethical, and supportive environment where positivity and collaborative learning is encouraged. We value fairness and honesty, and loyalty/longevity/tenure will be rewarded. It is our desire to be a leading centre of excellence in all areas of dermatology and we will actively seek to hire staff who share this passion.
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