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    Calgary’s Neuromodulators (Botox®) Specialists

    Botox® is a purified protein, approved by both the FDA and Health Canada, designed for use in specific muscles involved in facial animation. Expertly administered by our highly skilled doctors, the treatment typically lasts between 3 to 6 months. Common areas for Botox® application include frown lines, crow’s feet, and lines around the eyes and nose. Our clinic in Calgary emphasizes the importance of precision in this procedure and exclusively uses premium products to ensure the highest standards of care and results for our patients.

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    Neuromodulators (Botox®) Details

    Areas: Upper and lower face, platysmal bands, gummy smile, underarms and for excessive sweating

    Duration: 3 – 6 months

    Downtime: 20 minutes

    Performed by: Cosmetic Dermatologist

    Pair with: Medical Grade Skincare


    • Upper Face: $675
    • Forehead: $475
    • Glabella: $375
    • Crow’s Feet: $275
    • Excessive sweating: By assessment

    Our physicians only inject Botox® or Dysport®. These costs are purely to give you a sense of the costs. As each individual has different needs, such as the size of the area, depth of lines and bundled discounts, the cost for your specific treatment plan will be determined during your consultation.

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    Older Female Botox Injection

    Why Choose Beacon Dermatology for Your Botox®?

    Choosing Beacon Dermatology for your Botox® treatment in Calgary ensures you receive care from top-tier professionals with specialized expertise in Botox® applications. Our team is highly qualified and deeply committed to providing personalized care. We prioritize understanding each patient's unique needs and aesthetic goals. We use only the highest quality products at Beacon Dermatology, ensuring safe and effective results. Our meticulous approach and attention to detail in administering Botox® injections distinguish us in delivering natural-looking and long-lasting outcomes, cementing our reputation as a trusted leader in cosmetic dermatology.

    How Does Botox® Work?

    When Botox® is injected into specific muscles, it blocks the nerve signals that cause these muscles to contract. This leads to a relaxation of the muscles, which can reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles formed by facial expressions like frowning or smiling.

    Is Botox® for Me?

    The most commonly targeted areas are between the frown lines, crow's feet around the sides of the eyes, and worry lines on the forehead.

    Botox® injectable treatments take 15 – 30 minutes, and most patients return to work immediately after the procedure. Botox® may cause muscle spasms, but this is a rare side effect.

    How to Prepare for a Botox® Session

    To prepare for a Botox® session, follow specific guidelines to ensure optimal results. For example, you may be asked to avoid taking blood-thinning medications and supplements like aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamin E for a week before your appointment to minimize the risk of bruising.

    It's also advisable to refrain from alcohol consumption for at least 24 hours before your appointment. When booking, remember to inform your injector about any medications, allergies, and medical history.

    What Does a Botox® Session Look Like?

    A Botox® session is a quick and straightforward procedure, typically taking only 15 to 30 minutes. After a consultation and facial analysis, the treatment area is cleansed, and Botox® is injected into the targeted muscle area. The number of injections depends on the treated area and the desired results.


    Botox® recovery is relatively simple, with minimal downtime. Patients can resume most activities immediately but should avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours to prevent the spread of Botox® to unintended areas. It's also recommended to stay upright for a few hours post-treatment and avoid rubbing or massaging the treated areas to prevent dispersing the toxin. Any mild redness or swelling at the injection sites usually resolves within a few hours. Bruising, if it occurs, can be minimized with cold compresses and will typically fade within a week. Regular follow-up treatments can maintain the desired appearance.

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    Side Effects

    Botox® is generally considered a safe treatment, but like any medical procedure, it may have some potential side effects. The side effects can vary from person to person but typically include temporary swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection sites. Some individuals may also experience a mild headache or a feeling of heaviness in the treated area. There is a rare chance of temporary eyelid drooping or asymmetry in facial expression. To minimize these risks, selecting a qualified and experienced practitioner like those at Beacon Dermatology is essential.


    If you are looking for alternatives to Botox®, there are various options. One popular option is dermal fillers, which can enhance volume and reduce wrinkles through substances like hyaluronic acid. Topical treatments such as retinoids or peptides can also improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines over time. Laser therapy and microneedling are two additional options that can stimulate collagen production, resulting in firmer and smoother skin. Each alternative has unique benefits and considerations, providing a range of choices for those interested in enhancing their appearance without using Botox® injections. For a more personalized answer, please schedule a consultation with our team.

    Botox® FAQs


    Is Botox® Health Canada approved?

    Yes, Botox® was approved by Health Canada. Health Canada has approved botulinum toxin for treating frown lines in adults younger than 65.


    Do Botox® treatments hurt?

    Botox® treatments are generally well-tolerated and are not considered particularly painful. Patients often describe the sensation as a little pinch at the injection site.


    How long do Botox® results last?

    The results of Botox® treatments typically last between 3 to 6 months. The duration can vary depending on the individual's metabolism, the area treated, and the amount of product used. Regular follow-up treatments help maintain the desired effect.

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