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PRP Facial (Vampire Facial) in Calgary

PRP Facial aka Vampire Facial

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a treatment that has been used in medicine for decades to help injuries heal faster. The patient’s blood is drawn by one of our skilled nurses, as it is in a lab and centrifuged down to separate the blood into different parts. The platelet serum contains growth factors and cytokines that stimulate the skin to heal and rejuvenate. This yellow platelet serum is drawn out and is applied to the skin during laser treatments or microneedling. This treatment must be performed in a sterile medical clinic using only devices indicated for this treatment.

Many of our patients like this treatment because it is a natural anti-aging treatment. You use your own body’s platelets to repair itself.

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Dull Complexion, Loss of Elasticity, Laxity, Fine Winkles

Areas: Full face, neck and chest
Duration: 2-3 hours
Downtime: depends on treatment
Performed by: Certified Laser Technician and Nurse
Pair with: SkinMedica Recovery Complex (Human Derived Growth Factors) $189
Cost: $1200


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PRP Facial aka Vampire Facial
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